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Turnstone Research Institute have following missions such as

Dept. of Mathematics

Information technology is rapidly advancing, hence techniques for data processing and interpretation are also quickly changing. We think following three terms characterise these changes.

For subjects related to these terms we cannot always apply well-established classical measures. Sadly (rather we say happily for our firm) such kind of data is no exception these days, which means knowing and applying methods beyond the classical is sometimes the key element for successful analysis and interpretation or even for the business itself.

If we could extract structures and significance from past data, it is often an good enough solution of new unknown problem if not always. It means the mass and diversity of data nescessarily changed the way to analysis, happened to alter what information processing procedure (i.e. algorithm) is.

Dept. of Educational Publication

Communication channels keep growing both in it's bandwidth and variation, ending in new places and new ways of cultural intercourse.

Once western Europe was a monolithic lingual region of Latin, gradually severed into many languages. This process has something common with what we now call "globalization", which is nothing like a monotonic process of gaining homogeneity but includes various degrees of raising differences and contrast at the same time.

We produce educational contents reflecting this kind of globalization.

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